Our team

Back and White portrait photo of Rod Read

Rod Read


  • Founder, inventor
  • E&E Engineering, Comms, Offshore, Aquaculture
Oliver Tulloch

Oliver Tulloch


  • PhD in Kite Turbine
  • Greenland Kite Turbine adventurer
  • PT modelling dynamics
Portrait photograph of Jeremy Lock

Jeremy Lock


  • >40 years in Energy Sector
  • Qualified NED
  • Ex Global CIO EDF Trading Ltd
Anthony Waite

Anthony Waite

Commercial Lead

  • 15+ years European Power Wholesale Markets
  • MEng Electrical Engineering
Peter Jamieson

Peter Jamieson

Scientific Advisor

  • U-o-Strathclyde  Formerly Garrad Hassan & Partners
  • Author of  Innovation in Wind Turbine Design
  • Global expert in wind power scaling
Hong Yue

Dr Hong Yue

Control Systems Advisor

  • Host AWEC 2019
  • Control and optimisation of complex systems WECC Strathclyde
Lara Tulloch Engineer

Lara Tulloch

Wind Energy Systems

  • Renewable Energy Systems Frazer Nash Consultancy
  • Offshore Wind Engineering
A cartoon of a gadget man with drones and kite parts

Dirk Van Leersum

Gadgetry + Hi Tech

  • KitePower
  • Avy Drones
A cartoon of a young drone and airborne gadget man

Fin & Will

Student Interns

  • Actual Kite Power
  • And handy skill sets

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